Robert J. Glushko Dissertation Prize Recipients

The 2015 recipients of the Robert J. Glushko Prizes for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations/theses in Cognitive Science are:

Harm Brouwer - 2014 PhD thesis "The Electrophysiology of Language Comprehension: A Neurocomputational Model" from University of Groningen, précis
Da Cheong (Jena) Hwang - 2014 PhD thesis "Identification and Representation of Caused Motion Constructions" from University of Colorado, précis
Brenden Lake - 2014 PhD thesis "Towards more human-like concept learning in machines: Compositionality, causality, and learning-to-learn" from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, précis
Jessica Sullivan - 2014 PhD thesis "The Roles of Inference and Associative Learning in the Construction of Mappings Between Number Words and Numerical Magnitudes" from University of California - San Diego, précis
The 2014 recipients of the Robert J. Glushko Prizes for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations/theses in Cognitive Science are:
Samuel Gershman - 2013 PhD thesis "Memory Modification in the Brain: Computational and Experimental Investigations" from Princeton University, précis
Celeste Kidd - 2013 PhD thesis "Rational Approaches to Learning and Development" from University of Rochester, précis
Victoria Leong - 2013 PhD thesis "Speech Rhythm Cognition : A Multi-Disciplinary Account" from University of Cambridge, précis
Ian Lyons - 2012 PhD thesis "A Sense of Order: Ordinality and the meaning of symbolic numbers" from University of Chicago, précis
Takao Sasaki - 2013 PhD thesis "Psychology Of A Superorganism" from Arizona State University, précis
The 2013 recipients are:
Douglas Knox Bemis - 2012 PhD thesis "Simple Composition During Language Processing: An MEG Investigation" from New York University, précis
Neil Cohn - 2012 PhD thesis "Structure, Meaning, and Constituency in Visual Narrative Comprehension" from Tufts University, précis
George Kachergis - 2012 PhD thesis "Mechanisms for Cross-Situational Learning of Word-Referent Mappings: Empirical and Modeling Evidence" from Indiana University, précis
Andrew Lovett - 2012 PhD thesis "Spatial Routines for Sketches: A Framework for Modeling Spatial Problem Solving" from Northwestern University, précis
Liad Mudrik - 2011 PhD thesis "Processing Visual Context Violations: The Roles of Attention and Awareness" from Tel Aviv University, précis
The 2012 recipients are:
Timothy F. Brady - 2011 PhD thesis "Structured Representations in Visual Working Memory" - précis
Jennifer L. Culbertson - 2010 PhD thesis "Learning Biases, Regularization, and the Emergence of Typological Universals in Syntax" -" précis
Nazbanou Nozari - 2011 PhD thesis "Is Comprehension Necessary for Error Detection? A Conflict-based Account of Monitoring in Speech Production" - précis
Steven T. Piantadosi - 2011 PhD thesis "Learning and the language of thought" - précis
Rachel Wu - 2011 PhD thesis "Learning (to Learn) from Spatial Attention Cues During Infancy" - précis
The 2011 recipients are:
Vera Demberg-Winterfors - 2010 PhD thesis "A Broad-Coverage Model of Prediction in Human Sentence Processing" - précis
Michael Frank - 2010 PhD thesis "Early Word Learning Through Communicative Inference" - précis
Chi-Tat Law - 2009 PhD thesis "Mechanisms of learning a visual motion discrimination task" - précis
Eric Mandelbaum - 2010 PhD thesis "The Architecture of Belief: An Essay on the Unbearable Automaticity of Believing" - précis
Edward Vul - 2010 PhD thesis "Sampling in human cognition" - précis

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