Governing Board of the Cognitive Science Society


Nora Newcombe (2013-2018)
Temple University
- Cognitive development and spatial cognition.

Chair Elect

Susan Gelman (2014-2019)
University of Michigan
- Cognitive development, language development, categories and concepts.

Past Chair

Richard Catrambone (2011-2016)
Georgia Institute of Technology
- Problem solving, educational technology, and human-computer interaction.

Governing Board Members

Elena Andonova (2016-2021)
New Bulgarian University, Director of Cognitive Science Summer School
- Spatial communication and cognition, language processing in diverse populations, and language development in early childhood.

Andrea Bender (2011-2016)
University of Bergen, Norway
- Interactions between language, culture, and cognition in various domains.

Laura Carlson (2011-2016)
University of Notre Dame
- Spatial representations influenced by core cognitive processes of attention, memory, perception, and language.

Morteza Dehghani (2016-2021)
University of Southern California
- Interactions between language, representations, and social behavior.

Michael Frank (2015-2020)
Stanford University
- Computational and experimental methods to study language learning, social cognition, and the intersection between language and thought.

Dedre Gentner (2015-2020)
Northwestern University
- Learning processes-"especially analogical learning-"conceptual representation, and interactions between language and cognition.

Kevin Gluck (2014-2019)
- Computational and mathematical cognitive process modeling; methods for accelerating and evaluating scientific progress and innovative cognitive technologies; robustness.

Christoph Hoelscher (2012-2017)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
- Human-computer interaction and spatial cognition.

Markus Knauff (2012-2017)
University of Giessen, Germany
- High-level cognitive processes and spatial cognition.

Asifa Majid (2016-2021)
Radboud University and Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
- Communication, and cultural cognition.

Teenie Matlock (2013-2018)
University of California Merced
- Metaphor, spatial language, and political language and human-computer interaction.

Terry Regier (2015-2020)
University of California, Berkeley
- Relation of language and cognition, often through computational ideas and methods applied to data from many languages.

Ex Officio Members

Richard P. Cooper, Cognitive Science Journal Editor
Birkbeck, University of London

Wayne D. Gray, TopiCS in Cognitive Science Journal Editor
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
- Integrated cognitive systems, computational cognitive modeling, cognitive engineering.

Anna Drummey, Executive Officer (2016-2018)
Villanova University

Jessica Wong, Conference Officer (2014-2019)

Matthew Crocker, Rumelhart Prize Committee Chair
Saarland University

Linda B. Smith, Glushko Prize Committee Chair
Indiana University