Governing Board of the Cognitive Science Society


Richard Catrambone (2011-2016)
Georgia Institute of Technology
- Problem solving, educational technology, and human-computer interaction.

Chair Elect

Nora Newcombe (2013-2018)
Temple University
- Cognitive development and spatial cognition.

Past Chair

Susan Goldin-Meadow (2010-2015)
University of Chicago
- Language development and creation, Gesture's role in communicating, thinking, and learning.

Executive Officer

Susan Trickett (2010-2015)

Governing Board Members

Andrea Bender (2011-2016)
University of Freiburg, Germany
- Interactions between language, culture, and cognition in various

Laura Carlson (2011-2016)
University of Notre Dame
- Spatial representations influenced by core cognitive processes of attention, memory, perception, and language.

Jeff Elman (2009-2015)
University of California, San Diego
- Language processing, from speech perception to discourse processes.

Ken Forbus (2009-2014)
Northwestern University
- Qualitative reasoning, analogical reasoning and learning, spatial reasoning, sketch understanding, AI for education, cognitive architecture, natural language understanding, and modeling cultural decision-making.

Susan Gelman (2014-2019)
University of Michigan

Kevin Gluck (2014-2019)
- Computational and mathematical cognitive process modeling; methods for accelerating and evaluating scientific progress and innovative cognitive technologies; robustness.

Christoph Hoelscher (2012-2017)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
- Human-computer interaction and spatial cognition.

Markus Knauff (2012-2017)
University of Giessen, Germany
- High-level cognitive processes and spatial cognition.

Teenie Matlock (2013-2018)
University of California Merced
- Metaphor, spatial language, and political language and human-computer interaction.

Michael J. Spivey (2009-2015)
University of California, Merced
- Psycholinguistics and visual perception, combining real-time oculomotor and skeletal-motor measures of cognitive processing with artificial neural network simulations of human data.

Hedderik van Rijn (2009-2014)
University of Groningen, The Netherlands
- Memory, time perception, and language, with an emphasis on the combination of empirical studies with computational modeling.

Stella Vosniadou (2006-2014)
University of Athens
- Learning and cognitive development, mechanisms of knowledge acquisition.

Ex Officio Members

Arthur Markman, Cognitive Science Journal Editor
University of Texas at Austin
- Similarity and analogy, categorization, decision making and consumer behavior.

Wayne D. Gray, TopiCS in Cognitive Science Journal Editor
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
- Integrated cognitive systems, computational cognitive modeling, cognitive engineering.

Matthew Crocker, Rumelhart Prize Committee Chair
Saarland University

Maryellen MacDonald, Robert J. Glushko Dissertation Prize Chair
University of Wisconsin-Madison