Major Committees of the Cognitive Science Society

Executive Committee

Nora Newcombe (Chair)
Susan Gelman (Chair Elect)
Richard Catrambone (Past Chair)
Susan Trickett (Executive Officer)
Jessica Wong (Conference Officer)
Wayne Gray (topiCS Journal Executive Editor)
Richard P. Cooper (Cognitive Science Journal Executive Editor)
The Executive Committee serves ex officio on all society committees.

Membership/Nominations Committee

Andrea Bender (Chair)
Nora Newcombe
Terry Regier

Fellows Committee

Andrea Bender
Micki Chi
Jeff Elman (Chair)
Susan Gelman
Dedre Gentner
Teenie Matlock
Nora Newcombe
Paul Smolensky
Barbara Tversky

Finance Committee

Jeff Elman
Mike Frank
Kevin Gluck (Chair)
Deborah Gruber
Mike Mozer
Susan Trickett
Hedderik van Rijn


Rick Dale
Mike Frank (Chair)
Kevin Gluck
Teenie Matlock

European Committee

Christoph Hoelscher (Chair)
Markus Knauff