Conference Awards

Awards of the Cognitive Science Conference

Marr Award

The Marr Award, named in honor of the late David Marr, is given annually to the best student paper at the Cognitive Science conference. The Award is sponsored by The Cognitive Science Society. A list of previous winners include:

  • 2000¬†Eliana Colunga
  • 2001 Sam Scott
  • 2002 Sourabh Niyogi
  • 2003 Chen Yu
  • 2004 Florencia Reali
  • 2005 Matthew Tong
  • 2006 Elizabeth Baraff Bonawitz
  • 2007 David Landy
  • 2008 Michael Frank
  • 2009 Jennifer Misyak
  • 2010 Hyowon Gweon
  • 2011 Brendan T. Johns
  • 2012 George Kachergis
  • 2013 Nimrod Dorfman
  • 2014 Anna Coenen
  • 2015 Tiffany Doan
  • 2016 Wai Keen Vong
  • 2017 Melody Dye

CogSci Conference Prizes

Each year, submissions are selected to win an assortment of prizes in particular categories. Consult prior conference websites to read about the winners of these prizes.

Computational Modeling Prizes

Sponsored by The Cognitive Science Society

Four prizes will be awarded for the best full paper submissions that involve computational cognitive modeling. The four separate prizes will represent the best modeling work in the respective areas of: perception/action, language, higher-level cognition, and applied cognition. Each prize includes a cash award of $1,000 (USD). The prizes are open to researchers at any level (student, post-doctoral fellow, research scientist, faculty) from any nationality. Any form of computational cognitive modeling relevant to cognitive science will be eligible, including (but not limited to) neural networks, symbolic models, Bayesian models, dynamic systems, or various hybrids. If your full paper involves computational cognitive modeling, be sure to indicate its eligibility when you submit your paper.

Student Travel Grants

Sponsored by the Robert J. Glushko and Pamela Samuelson Foundation

Up to $10,000 (USD) will be awarded to undergraduate and graduate students for travel support to attend the Conference. Any student who is first author on a full-length paper to be presented at the conference is eligible. Awardees will be selected on the basis of need and submission quality, with an effort to achieve a broad representation among academic institutions. Student first authors can indicate whether they want to be considered for the grant as part of the submission process. After paper acceptance decisions have been made, selected first authors will be contacted by the Conference Awards Chairs.

Awardees of the above listed prizes will be selected and informed by June.