CogSci 2017: London

CogSci 2017 is the 39th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, to be held in London, UK on Wednesday July 26th – Saturday July 29th, 2017 (Wednesday, July 26th is the Tutorials and Workshops day). We encourage researchers from around the world to submit their best basic and applied work in cognitive science to CogSci 2017, and to attend in order to discuss the latest theories and data from the world’s best cognitive science researchers.

The theme of the meeting is: “Computational Foundations of Cognition.”

Click here for the CogSci 2017 website.

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2017 Rumelhart Recipient

The David E. Rumelhart Prize for Contributions to the Theoretical Foundations of Human Cognition was founded in 2001 in honor of the cognitive scientist David Rumelhart. The 2017 recipient is Prof. Lila Gleitman, Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Read about Prof. Gleitman’s research here. Prof. Gleitman will serve as a keynote speaker at CogSci 2017 in London, where she will be honored during the Rumelhart Award Ceremony.

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