CogSci 2018: Madison

July 25 – July 28th, 2018



The photos from Madison are available here.

David E. Rumelhart Prize

The recipient of the nineteenth David E. Rumelhart Prize is Michelene (Micki) T. H. Chi, who, more than once, has challenged basic assumptions about the mind and defined new approaches that have shaped a generation of cognitive and learning scientists.

Public event: Minds, Machines and Society

Staying on in Madison on Saturday night? Join us for Minds, Machines and Society, an open event focusing on the ways that cognitive science and machine learning are reshaping our world. This is your chance to hear directly and informally from field-leaders including Matt Botvinick, Ulrike Hahn, and Mark Seidenberg on the impact of our science in the world. NOTE the event will take place at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery from 7:30-9:30–for more information about the event, click here, and for information about ways of getting to the venue from the conference center, click here. 

A concept map for contributed talks

Interested in finding groups of related talks, or seeing how different research topics relate to one another this year? Check out this interactive concept map of contributed talks!

The map shows each contributed talk as a node, and each talk’s five nearest neighbors, based on a topics model trained on a large set of representative papers. Colors show a graph partitioning into papers with similar topics. Hovering will show you the paper title, time, and location, while clicking will highlight the nearest neighbors.

Find the talks that interest you!

So many contributed talks–how do you find the ones that interest you? To try our trainable paper recommendation system, click here!

CogSci 2018 starts this week!

This year’s theme is ‘Changing Minds.’ To read about the motivation for the theme, its connection to current events, and how it has influenced the program, click here.

Proceedings now available!

Final schedule and the link to the Proceedings can be found here.

Online registration is now closed and registration will be onsite in Madison.