Future Meetings and Conference Chairing

CogSci 2016
August 10-13
Recognizing and Representing Events:
Integrating Psychological, Philosophical, Linguistic, Computational and Neural Perspectives
Philadelphia Convention Center

CogSci 2017: Computational Foundations of Cognition
26-29 July 2017
Keynote Speakers
Richard Granger, Dartmouth
Ulrike Hahn, Birkbeck, University of London
Richard Sutton, University of Alberta
Program Chairs: Glenn Gunzelmann, Andrew Howes, Thora Tenbrink
London, UK

If you are interested in serving in the role of conference co-chair(s) for a future conference, please read this Guidance Document before submitting your bid.

You may contact Jessica Wong, Society Conference Officer, at this e-mail with questions.