Past Conferences and Proceedings

CogSci 2015 co-chaired by David Noelle, Rick Dale, Anne Warlaumont, Jeff Yoshimi, Teenie Matlock, Carolyn Jennings, & Paul Maglio.
Proceedings (ISBN:978-0-9911967-2-2) link here.

CogSci 2014 co-chaired by Paul Bello, Marcello Guarini, Marjorie McShane, & Brian Scassellati.
Proceedings (ISBN: 978-0-9911967-0-8) link here.
Photos from CogSci2014 are here.

CogSci2013 co-chaired by Markus Knauff, Michael Pauen, Natalie Sebanz, & Ipke Wachsmuth.
Proceedings (ISBN 978-0-9768318-9-1) link here.
Science Network video from CogSci2013 may be found here.
And on youtube: Rumelhart Prize and general remarks.

co-chaired by Naomi Miyake, David Peebles and Richard P. Cooper.
Proceedings (ISBN 978-0-9768318-8-4) link here.

CogSci2011 co-chaired by Laura Carlson, Christoph HÅ‘lscher and Thomas F. Shipley.
Proceedings (ISBN 978-0-9768318-7-7): Mirror 1 Mirror 2
The Science Network's coverage of CogSci2011 panels and interviews is here.

CogSci 2010, co-chaired by Richard Catrambone and Stellan Ohlsson.
Proceedings: (ISBN 978-0-9768318-6-0) Link here
The Science Network's complete coverage of CogSci2010 content and interviews may be found here.

CogSci2009, co-chaired by Niels Taatgen, Hedderik van Rijn, Lambert Schomaker and John Nerbonne from the University of Groningen.
Proceedings: (ISBN 978-0-9768318-5-3) Link here

CogSci2008, co-chaired by Vladimir Sloutsky, Brad Love, and Ken McRae, held in Washington D.C.
Proceedings: (ISBN 978-0-9768318-4-6) CD

CogSci2007, chaired by Danielle McNamara and Greg Trafton, held in Nashville, Tennessee
Proceedings: (ISBN 978-0-9768318-3-9) CD

CogSci2006, chaired by Ron Sun and Naomi Miyake, held in Vancouver, Canada.
Proceedings: (ISBN 978-0-9768318-2-2) CD

CogSci2005, chaired by Bruno Bara, Larry Barsalou, and Monica Bucciarelli, held in Stresa, Italy.
Proceedings: (ISBN 978-0-9768318-1-5) CD

CogSci 2004, chaired by Kenneth Forbus, Dedre Gentner and Terry Regier, held in Chicago, Illinois.
Proceedings: (ISBN 978-0-9768318-0-8) PDF

CogSci 2003, chaired by Rick Alterman and David Kirsh, held in Boston, Massachusetts.
Proceedings: CD

CogSci 2002, chaired by Wayne D. Gray and Christian D. Schunn, held in Fairfax, Virginia.
Proceedings: PDF

CogSci 2001, chaired by Johanna Moore and Keith Stenning, held in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Proceedings: PDF

CogSci 2000, chaired by Lila Gleitman and Aravind Joshi, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Proceedings: PDF

Proceedings for CogSci 1981 through 2002 are available here.

Paper Copies of 2006-2015 Proceedings

Proceedings from 2006-2015 are available in print format from Curran Associates.