CSS Sponsored Events

The 2014 Student Sponsorships have been awarded to:
California Cognitive Science Conference--Katie Rainford, Inside the Consumer's Cognition: Exploring the Influence of Counterfactual Thinking on Brand Loyalty
Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence
Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience at the University of Waterloo--Chrissy Chubala, Mirror Neurons and Affordances
Computational Models of Narrative workshop--Oleg Sobchuk, Multilevel Accentuation and Its Role in the Memorization of Narrative
European Workshop of Imagery and Cognition--Kim Puls, Two kinds of interference effects in spatial perspective taking
First Annual Conference on Cognitive Science (India)--Megha Sharda, Structural and Functional networks underlying auditory processing in children with autism
International Workshop on Learning and Memory Consolidation--Nicola Cellini, On-Line vs Off-Line Consolidation Of Motor Skills In Young Primary Insomniacs
Int'l Conference on Cognitive Science
Jagiellonian-Rutgers Conference in Cognitive Science--Orance Mahaldar, Studying Differential EEG Response to Emotionally Arousing Audio-visual Stimuli in Male and Female Audience from India
KogWis conference series of German Cognitive Science Society
LCM6 Young Researcher Workshop--Krystyna Pomorska, Can Children with Austism Read Emotion from the Eyes? The Eyes Test revisted and Sandra Cronhamn, Tracking Cultural Contact and Spread by Means of Lexical Data: A Tupian Case Study
Midwestern Cognitive Science Society -- Shuli Yu, The time course of preference formation in risky decision making
Perspectives on Human Probabilistic Inferences--Keisuke Suzuki, Multisensory integration across interoceptive and exteroceptive domains modulates the experience of body ownership
Society for Anthropological Sciences
Spatial Cognition
Symposium on Spatial Language Modules
UCLA's Cognitive Science Student Association-- Cody Kommers, An Argument for the Innate Human Predilection of Western Harmony