CSS Sponsored Events

The 2014 Student Sponsorships have been awarded to:
California Cognitive Science Conference--Katie Rainford, Inside the Consumer's Cognition: Exploring the Influence of Counterfactual Thinking on Brand Loyalty
Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence -- David Sanchez-Mendoza, Emotions Classification using Facial Action Units Recognition
Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience at the University of Waterloo--Chrissy Chubala, Mirror Neurons and Affordances
Computational Models of Narrative workshop--Oleg Sobchuk, Multilevel Accentuation and Its Role in the Memorization of Narrative
European Workshop of Imagery and Cognition--Kim Puls, Two kinds of interference effects in spatial perspective taking
First Annual Conference on Cognitive Science (India)--Megha Sharda, Structural and Functional networks underlying auditory processing in children with autism
International Workshop on Learning and Memory Consolidation--Nicola Cellini, On-Line vs Off-Line Consolidation Of Motor Skills In Young Primary Insomniacs
Int'l Conference on Cognitive Science--A. V. Kedrov, A single cognitive event model for studying the cellular bases of long-term olfactory memory formation
Jagiellonian-Rutgers Conference in Cognitive Science--Orance Mahaldar, Studying Differential EEG Response to Emotionally Arousing Audio-visual Stimuli in Male and Female Audience from India
KogWis conference series of German Cognitive Science Society--Rebecca Albrecht, Towards formally founded ACT-R simulation and analysis
LCM6 Young Researcher Workshop--Krystyna Pomorska, Can Children with Austism Read Emotion from the Eyes? The Eyes Test revisted and Sandra Cronhamn, Tracking Cultural Contact and Spread by Means of Lexical Data: A Tupian Case Study
Midwestern Cognitive Science Society -- Shuli Yu, The time course of preference formation in risky decision making
Perspectives on Human Probabilistic Inferences--Keisuke Suzuki, Multisensory integration across interoceptive and exteroceptive domains modulates the experience of body ownership
Society for Anthropological Sciences
Spatial Cognition -- Linsey Smith, Mechanisms of spatial learning: Teaching children geometric categories
Symposium on Spatial Language Modules--Claudia Cialone, Diversity of Spatial Language and Thought in Architects, Painters and Sculptors
UCLA's Cognitive Science Student Association-- Cody Kommers, An Argument for the Innate Human Predilection of Western Harmony