Rumelhart Prize Symposia

Symposium Issues of “Cognitive Science”

Since 2002, the Rumelhart Prize Recipients have been honored with a symposium at the annual Cognitive Science Conference and the papers published in special issues of the “Cognitive Science” journal.

Ten Years of Rumelhart Prizes – A Symposium

At the 2010 annual conference of the Cognitive Science Society the first ten recipients of the Rumelhart Prize posed “Outstanding Questions for Cognitive Science”

Their questions were printed in “The Little Red Book” distributed to all attendees. [download]

Video of the symposium can be viewed at the Science Network. [video]

Bechtel, W., Behrmann, M., Chater, N., Glushko, R. J., Goldstone, R. L. and Smolensky, P. (2010), The Rumelhart Prize at 10. Cognitive Science, 34: 713-715. doi: 10.1111/j.1551-6709.2010.01116.x. [download]

Group photo in Portland, 2010

Bob Glushko and Geoff Hinton at UCSD, 2007

Rumelhart Prize Recipients Gather in Vancouver, 2006
(Shepard, Elman, Shiffrin, Smolensky, and Anderson — with Bob Glushko)